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Are we getting together tonight to game? Who's invited? Amanda (perhaps Link, too) expressed interest. Mel's planning on it, I think, though she's Mike's familiar...

YDW Website

As discussed tonight, this is the new YDW website. Stuff will still be posted both here and there until people can really make the switch, but this is a really good idea. I still have (probably always will have) some things to tweak, but it's operative and everything.

Go there and make an account, if you're still part of the group!

Cerulean Adventures - hiatus/cancellation?

I'll ask this again tonight since a lot of people will be there, but might as well ask here for those that might not. When I mentioned last night that we'd have to cancel the Cerulean campaign because of player problems, some people were disappointed. I certainly don't want to close down a campaign that people are enjoying, and I think the rest of everything could be boiled down to one or two sessions.

So the question is: if you're playing right now, do you want to continue playing? Could you make a commitment to come to two more sessions and be there from start to finish? I'd just make up a new team to send out there, but we're close enough to the end that I'm not sure new people would really get it.
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Wicked isn't perfect, either

I completely forgot to mention your stats. Please use the "elite stats", meaning you have scores of 15,14,13,12,10,8. Use them how you want. Remember that at 4th level, you also get one extra point to add to one of these scores. And if you want to raise any of your scores beyond this, wondrous items are available for any ability.
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Something wicked coming... sooner than you think!

Please note that my module is slated for Feb 10 and 17, both Sunday nights. Sorry for the short notice and day change, but trying to cram this in for Mike. Please go to to check the upcoming events, and check it often, as event days/times may be shifted around to accommodate schedules.

Very important: if this creates scheduling issues for YOU, lemme know.


RPG Open House

Curious about what Role-Playing Games (RPGs) are all about? Been out of the loop for a while, and eager to learn one of the newer systems? An old pro that could use a once-over on the basics? Just eager to meet up with some creative people? Come hang out with us, and satisfy your curiosity!

February 9th at 6pm, the You Do What role-playing group will be holding an open session, to instruct and engage anyone interested in RPGs on the ins and outs of the Dungeons and Dragons v3.5 role-playing system. This system is one of the most popular and widely-used tabletop RPGs in existence, played by hundreds of thousands of acne-ridden nerds worldwide.

This get-together will begin with ample time for discussion of what tabletop role-playing entails, including examples of play and other RPG systems available. After a break, we will have a group learning session on how to create and play a character in a D&D game.

You are free to leave at any time, and will not have to participate or even speak up if you don't want to. Our hope, though, is that even if you don't pick up another RPG for the rest of your life, at least you'll get a chance to see what goes on around the table at one.

Soft drinks and water will be provided, you're welcome to bring any snacks or food you'd like. If we finish early or there's a lack of interest, you're welcome to stay for a movie or to chat. You're also welcome to invite anyone you'd like, so long as they are interested and open to discussion.

Please RSVP here, or through Facebook if you've got it. Directions are available. Thanks!